Film Acting

Bail Enforcers poster“the scene-stealer is Andrea James Lui”
- Matt Smith on Film review by Matt Smith

“Lui is the real discovery here. A sketch comedian, Lui has a future as a badass hero, sexy villain, anything she wants to play.”
- Screen Junkies review by Fred Topel

“Andrea James Lui, whose background in martial arts meshed perfectly with Stratus’ style when they knuckled up for the cameras.”
- The Bloor West News Hound

Catch Andrea James Lui as mysterious Asian assassin, Ruby, in some kick-ass chick fights with seven-time WWE Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus, in Bail Enforcers (aka Bounty Hunters).

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“she’s amazing… she’s a stunt person, but she’s also a fighter… so I think we both know what it’s like to get hit in the face”
- Trish Stratus about Andrea James Lui on Breakfast Television Toronto

“we’re Fight Soul Sisters”
- Trish Stratus about Andrea James Lui on 102.1 FM The Edge with Fearless Fred