Bounty Hunters Worldwide

2012/02/28 Posted by MsAJL

I’m in an action film with 7x WWE Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus, that is slated for worldwide DVD release in 9 countries. Parts of that sentence bear repeating solely for my own disbelief. But after a little googling, I found all these DVD covers – and if it’s on the interweb, then it must be true…

Bounty Hunters dvd UK & Ireland (Lionsgate) Bounty Hunters dvd US (MPI Video) Canada (Anchor Bay) Bail Enforcers dvd Australia & New Zealand (VM Distribution) Bail Enforcers dvd France (Antartic) Bail Enforcers dvd Thailand (M Pictures)
UK & Ireland
US (MPI Video)
(Anchor Bay)
Australia &
New Zealand
(VM Distribution)
(M Pictures)

Lionsgate was the first to release the film as Bounty Hunters on 2012 February 20 followed by MPI Home Video in the US and Anchor Bay Canada in Canada – both on 2012 February 28 (that’s today and our red carpet Toronto premiere screening is tonight!!!)

In Australia, the DVD was released by VM Distribution as Bail Enforcers.

But my favorite DVD covers are the ones in France by Antartic and Thailand by M Pictures, also called Bail Enforcers, because I get a little thrill seeing the different languages.

Release dates for those and these – Japan (Fine Films), Germany (MIG Film Group), Pakistan (Cine Entertainment), and India (Star Entertainment) – are on their way…

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