Bounty Hunters Interviews

2012/03/16 Posted by MsAJL

Maybe I’m just slow on the uptake, but YouTube has this whole new channel layout and I’ve only just noticed. As a result, I have created a handy little playlist of all the Bounty Hunters videos I could find – mostly interviews. However, if you’d rather just watch them here…

This is my favorite interview, with myETVmedia, because you get to hear from Frank J. Zupancic (aka Ridley) and Enrico DiFede (aka Mario) as well as Patrick McBrearty (Director), Trish Stratus (WWE Champion), and me (just me):

Take a guess at what the entire Bounty Hunters‘ production budget was in Hollywood equivalent and find out here, in our chat with The Score:

Hooray for sneaking in a shout out to my stage combat school, Rapier Wit, in this interview with the Fight Network:

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