Bikram Yoga TT: It’s Getting Hot In Here…

2015/09/15 Posted by MsAJL

Here’s the second instalment of my Bikram Yoga Teacher Training correspondences – when I had tweaked my back and started to die! We finished delivering Half Moon pose in front of Bikram and made it through to Awkward in posture clinics. The first instalment of my correspondences is here :)

WEEK TWO: It’s Getting Hot In Here…

I can’t believe it’s the end of second week! 21 classes down. The heat is steadily increasing. We pray for rain because it’s cooler in the room – we’ve had a few thunderstorms the last couple of days, so that’s been a relief. We’ve also been lucky to get a night off and an early night the one before because Bikram had fly to Singapore or something… so Half Moon’s been dragging on for ages! But we finished yesterday and then watched another Bollywood film. All the ladies look forward to the actor with the green eyes!
The humidity here is pretty crazy, especially with the last few thunderstorms. But other than our laundry taking longer to dry, I quite like it. Thanks so much for including us in the newsletter! I’m working on Balancing stick right now and am getting pretty excited at the prospect of stringing all this dialogue together… We took the bus into Khao Lak this afternoon to buy some groceries and now we’re just lazing around. We’ll get to some more dialogue before dinner. And maybe take a look at our anatomy books. We bought pencil crayons for it, haha!
Talk to you soon. Say hi to everyone at the studio… Or should we post an update in the group? It’s quite the journey so far!!

WEEK THREE: Cravings!

I’m dying for some ketchup chips right now… Steve & I took the shuttle to Khao Lak last weekend and we bought two bags of Lays potato chips for 240 baht… that’s like $10 worth of potato chips.

Hi! Just wanted to send you an update… I’m sure Julie’s told you that we’re all done half moon now. Steve & I went on the very first day, so we’ve had time to push forward with more dialogue… Our posture clinics start today – we’re all good for this week’s postures and we’re hoping to get ahead on the weekends and stay ahead… but it seems anything can happen! We’re just about to head to our 22nd class. They’ve been up and down for everybody. Sometimes the heat is torture and sometimes they take pity on us, but the humidity is always intense here! I take solace in coconuts, while Steve prefers… Coca Cola! Hope you’re doing well. Update you again soon :)

Happy Mother’s Day… from the beach! Actually this photo was from last weekend. We have not had the energy to leave our room yet this weekend! Steve even ordered room service last night. But today we will get to the beach for sure… before another week of yoga torture starts… we’ve done 32 classes in the last 3 weeks!

Any plans for mother’s day celebration this weekend? Hope you all have a lovely mothers day… try not to get pooed on… ;)

Six more weeks of yoga with these super sexy beach boys!

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Up Next… WEEK FOUR: Bittersweet Symphony

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  2. Julia a Walker-Bengtsson says:

    Awesome coverage. I’m getting nostalgic already!
    Love Julia x

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