Sketch Comedy

“Andrea James Lui really shines” – Mooney on Theatre review by George Perry
“The cast handles physical scenes exceptionally well – from the subtlety of two brothers mourning their dead father to Lui’s kick-ass karate moves in a game show.” – Now Magazine review by Debbie Fein-Goldbach

Andrea James Lui sitting promo shot by Raph Nogal

Photo by Raph Nogal

Andrea James Lui regularly performs sketch comedy (à la Saturday Night Live) and improv (à la Whose Line Is It Anyway?) with her comedy troupe, Asiansploitation. Full-length shows include: Asiansploitation Spanks The Tiger, Asiansploitation Spanks The Tiger: The Director’s Cut, Asiansploitation All Grown Up, Asiansploitation Goes Deep, and Asiansploitation Goes Back. For more info, please visit

Asiansploitation Spanks The Tiger poster Asiansploitation Spanks The Tiger: The Director's Cut poster Asiansploitation All Grown Up poster
Asiansploitation Goes Deep poster Asiansploitation Goes Back... to Crack You Up poster