AJL Design

I am a self-taught web designer and graphics/video editor with a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, WordPress, Photoshop, Final Cut, and iMovie. I also manage social media, not just for myself as an actor and pole dancer, but for my sketch comedy troupe, Asiansploitation. I maintain our accounts on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and WordPress and I take pride in tailoring our interactions to maximize the features of each networking site.

My adventures in web design began when I joined sketch comedy troupe, Asiansploitation, in 2009. Our website was in painful need of a makeover and I had been assured that WordPress was an easy to use platform with which to accomplish that. After months of googling and experimentation with HTML code, I decided to create my own website – this website – and subsequently learned to use CSS. Inherent in web design was much dabbling with Photoshop to create appropriate graphics (logos, buttons, banners, etc.) for various online functions. This developed into a valuable skill for print and social media. Diving into the realm of social media led me on a quest to navigate best practices for each networking site and eventually to video editing, when I launched regular activity on my YouTube channel.

If you are in need of a Graphics/Video Editor, Social Media Manager, Web Designer, or are interested in learning to maintain your own website, feel free to contact me: