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Pole Camp… Is that like Band Camp?

2014/02/07 Posted by MsAJL

Andrea James Lui Middle Splits stretch with Alex Shchukin in Flexibility at West Australian Pole Camp 2014

Straight off, I can clarify that Pole Camp is not like Band Camp. After pole training 5 hours a day for 3 days, there is no energy left for shenanigans. And actually, as a band camper myself, from ages 10 to 20, Band Camp is not really wrought with the shenanigans you might expect either… […]

How Tantra Fitness Won Me a Pole Comp

2013/08/31 Posted by MsAJL

I was recently in Vancouver to visit my mucho-prego sister and ended up experiencing a series of revolutionizing events. I love Vancouver, not just because of the rock climbing in Squamish or the fact that my sister just gave birth to the first grandchild in our family, but because she lives so close to Tantra […]