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Bounty Hunters Interviews

2012/03/16 Posted by MsAJL

YouTube thumbnails of Andrea James Lui, Trish Stratus, and Enrico DiFede with My ETV Media, The Score, and Fight Network

Maybe I’m just slow on the uptake, but YouTube has this whole new channel layout and I’ve only just noticed. As a result, I have created a handy little playlist of all the Bounty Hunters videos I could find – mostly interviews. However, if you’d rather just watch them here… This is my favorite interview, […]

Bounty Hunters Red Carpet

2012/03/03 Posted by MsAJL

Andrea James Lui posing on the red carpet for Bounty Hunters

The whirlwind for the Toronto red carpet premiere of Bounty Hunters (aka Bail Enforcers) is finally settling down and I’ve caught my breath. It was a night of firsts that began with dressing up fancy, then meeting Trish Stratus and her entourage in the green room at AMC Yonge & Dundas. We eagerly started catching […]

Chick Fights with Trish Stratus

2012/02/25 Posted by MsAJL

Bail Enforcers screen shot of Andrea James Lui as Ruby & Trish Stratus as Jules in the ambulance

Last spring, Bail Enforcers (aka Bounty Hunters) enjoyed its World Premiere at ActionFest – a festival devoted exclusively to action movies and founded by Chuck Norris‘ younger brother, Aaron. After reuniting with the Bail Enforcers (aka Bounty Hunters) cast and crew at the festival in Asheville, North Carolina (and hanging out with Michael Jai White, […]