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The Phantom with Phoenix & Fontaine

2014/09/01 Posted by MsAJL

The Phantom of the Opera Encore! Sydney Pole Show Vertigo Photography

I’ve just emerged from a bit of a pole dance rut… I spent April & May teaching nearly everyday all over the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario and it was just as Fontaine had said: leaving very little time for my own training. I became so invested in my students that their success became my […]

Tricksy Tuesdays

2013/08/06 Posted by MsAJL

Last week, I shared a routine – the first one I had ever choreographed. I shot about a dozen takes of it over three sessions, each time wanting to make improvements – straighter legs, smoother transitions, clearer angles… the list goes on. I was plagued by the overwhelming desire to make it perfect and even […]

Combos Cleo Taught Me

2013/07/25 Posted by MsAJL

I did a semi-private workshop with Cleo and she gave us several split-heavy combos to work on, including these: She also autographed her training DVD for me, with which I’ve been torturing myself several times a week – and I can already feel my legs growing longer, straighter, and FLEXIER! Check it:

Pole Battle: Arena Student Performance

2013/07/11 Posted by MsAJL

YouTube thumbnails of Andrea James Lui Arena pole battle

As I mentioned (a couple of months ago!), I performed in another pole battle – at Arena Pole Studio‘s Student Performance Night. It was a big night for me (a tiring one!) because in addition to the Pole Battle, I also performed the Term 2 Advanced routine with my classmates, as well as a group […]

Pole Battle: Arena Open Day

2013/04/24 Posted by MsAJL

YouTube thumbnails of Andrea James Lui pole battle

I recently participated in my first ever Pole Battle. I’ve been training in Australia with Fontaine Bradbury at her new studio, Arena Pole, where she hosted an open day with free workshops, performances, and this pole battle. There were six of us and we each had 40 seconds of freestyle to a surprise song. Here’s […]