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Bikram Yoga TT: The End Is The Beginning

2015/10/04 Posted by MsAJL

The Yogis have landed in Thailand! Fall teacher training is starting just as I wrap up this series of correspondences from my training this past Spring. I’d hoped to reunite with several of my bubble buddies at this session, participate in the posture clinics, and dive back into doubles… but our plans fell through with […]

Bikram Yoga TT: The End in Sight

2015/09/29 Posted by MsAJL

By Week 7, most have us had settled into the swing of things – found our circle of friends and study buddies, figured out how to pace ourselves in class and nap in the upright position… but Week 8 brought a series of curve balls – the end of posture clinics, the beginning of demo […]

Bikram Yoga TT: Halfway There!

2015/09/22 Posted by MsAJL

“We’ve gotta hold on to what we’ve got. It doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not. We’ve got each other and that’s a lot. For love, we’ll give it a shot…” WEEK FIVE: Halfway There! MAY 22 – BY PENINSULA We’re halfway!!! We had a lovely lady named Grace in posture clinic […]

Bikram Yoga TT: Bittersweet Symphony

2015/09/20 Posted by MsAJL

Nearly a month into training… I think my friends back home started to notice I was gone, so here’s some correspondence with my pole dance & contortion pals. Also a bit of bragging to my parents about my new friends at training ;) WEEK FOUR: Bittersweet Symphony MAY 11 – THE HAZELNUT Word up, buddy! […]

Bikram Yoga TT: It’s Getting Hot In Here…

2015/09/15 Posted by MsAJL

Here’s the second instalment of my Bikram Yoga Teacher Training correspondences – when I had tweaked my back and started to die! We finished delivering Half Moon pose in front of Bikram and made it through to Awkward in posture clinics. The first instalment of my correspondences is