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Bikram Yoga TT: Preparing To Fly!

2015/09/11 Posted by MsAJL

It still feels as though Steve & I have only just returned from Bikram Yoga Teacher Training this past spring, but preparations for the fall session are already well under way with less than a month to go! I remember planning to blog while we were in training, but there was just too much to […]

Pole Dancing with an Actor

2014/01/26 Posted by MsAJL

I recently got to train with one of my all-time favourite pole dancers and she taught me one of my all-time favourite tricks… and it’s not even a pole trick – it’s more of a riff on my favourite yoga pose, The Locust, made extra wicked by Sergia Louise Anderson. We actually ran out of […]

30 Days of Progress…

2014/01/01 Posted by MsAJL

Happy New Year!!! In the spirit of resolutions and self-improvement, I’ve made a little slideshow of my flexibility progress throughout December. Each day for 30 days, I took a picture of my middle splits for comparison, with hips & heels aligned against a wall and hands pressing up to straight arms. The depth of my […]