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How to Recover from Falling on Your Head!

2014/12/18 Posted by MsAJL

Expectation is the death of joy. Whenever I train with someone who’s preparing for a performance, I frequently find myself saying: don’t rob the audience of their enjoyment by telling them how many mistakes you made. No one cares what you planned to do because they only saw what you did do. More often than […]

The Phantom with Phoenix & Fontaine

2014/09/01 Posted by MsAJL

The Phantom of the Opera Encore! Sydney Pole Show Vertigo Photography

I’ve just emerged from a bit of a pole dance rut… I spent April & May teaching nearly everyday all over the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario and it was just as Fontaine had said: leaving very little time for my own training. I became so invested in my students that their success became my […]

Pole Dancing with an Actor

2014/01/26 Posted by MsAJL

I recently got to train with one of my all-time favourite pole dancers and she taught me one of my all-time favourite tricks… and it’s not even a pole trick – it’s more of a riff on my favourite yoga pose, The Locust, made extra wicked by Sergia Louise Anderson. We actually ran out of […]

30 Days of Progress…

2014/01/01 Posted by MsAJL

Happy New Year!!! In the spirit of resolutions and self-improvement, I’ve made a little slideshow of my flexibility progress throughout December. Each day for 30 days, I took a picture of my middle splits for comparison, with hips & heels aligned against a wall and hands pressing up to straight arms. The depth of my […]

How Tantra Fitness Won Me a Pole Comp

2013/08/31 Posted by MsAJL

I was recently in Vancouver to visit my mucho-prego sister and ended up experiencing a series of revolutionizing events. I love Vancouver, not just because of the rock climbing in Squamish or the fact that my sister just gave birth to the first grandchild in our family, but because she lives so close to Tantra […]